A geological faultline runs down the east coast of America through Manhattan at 125th street. Illegal drilling for gas takes place along this faultline and sets off events man cannot stop.

In this sequel to Dragon's Orb, winner of BEST MYSTERY 2014 - BEACH BOOK FESTIVAL, PARIS BOOK FESTIVAL and FEATHERED QUILL BOOK AWARDS, Detective Gerald Denton joins his close friend Laura Fuller in an attempt to prevent this tragedy only to run into life threatening powers who will stop at nothing to continue to drill.



In the 1970’s, France developed a nuclear missile program called the TN-90. In 1996, President Mitterand slashed the program and placed the remaining warheads in storage.
Unfortunately, five of the missiles were recently “lost” and somehow North Korea “found” them. 

Review by Feathered Quill Reviews

The Dragon's Orb - 5 Star Book

By J. T. Twerell
Publisher: L W Publications, Inc. Publication Date: December 2013 ISBN: 1494401959
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler Review Date: July 2014

This fast-paced international thriller drew me into its pages rapidly. It’s a quick read with a tight, interesting plot that kept me turning the pages. I would have liked to have seen Dawn’s character fleshed out a bit to match those of her unknown enemies Pun Jo Jai and Din Wa. However, the plot was fascinating and the twists and turns gave it a movie-like excitement that I really liked. The descriptions of the Munmu warriors and their society mushroomed and wove its way through the pages making me wonder when they would leap out again. J. T. Twerell made the unbelievable seem totally logical and real, something that is a difficult task at best. The ‘enemy’ wasn’t hiding in the shadows, something that made this one all the more exciting.

Quill says: Twerell’s The Dragon’s Orb leaves the reader wondering and wanting a sequel. Will we be seeing more of Detective Denton? 


A botched drug raid took her father’s life when she was 7. On her 13th birthday she witnessed her mother’s murder. Alone in the world, Jennifer Blade set out to even the score. At 33, enmeshed in a game that knows no rules, she is about to fulfill her quest when everything unravels. Fleeing for her life, she heads to the mountains of upstate New York, where she unexpectedly finds new reason to live.

Steve Sanders, a 38-year-old psychologist with a predictable life, is on a fishing trip in the mountains. Little does he know that all vacations are not created equal.

Catch and Release, a romance/suspense novel, is the story of two lives from vastly different backgrounds, drawn together by fate and a common love of the great outdoors. The crossing of Jennifer’s and Steve’s paths releases an explosion of love, passion, adventure, and ultimately a reason for a shared journey. Within 24 hours, they catch a few trout, have a passionate affair, shoot and kill a man, are involved in two gun battles, receive wounds, and end up in Miami, Florida. All this, and as Steve says, they still have six days of vacation left. Their relationship touches long-buried feelings in Jennifer, and shatters the mundane existence suffocating Steve.


“Hook, Line & Sinker” is the sequel novel to“Catch and Release” a top winner in Romance/Mystery International Competition at the 2012 London Book Festival; 2012 Los Angeles Book Fair ; 2012 Beach Book show; 2012 New England Book Show; and Winner Best Audiobook 2013 Paris Book Festival.Unexpected twists and turns will take you through the beauty of New Orleans bayous and into the wilderness of Cuba, where a deadly secret lies buried and is being hotly pursued by unstoppable powers. A sequel to award-winningCatch and Release, this continuation of Jennifer and Steve’s action-packed life together will leave you enamored, Hook, Line and Sinker.


Two emotions guide all life – fear and love.

Laura lives in fear.

Through a supernatural experience she finds the courage to end a destructive relationship and begin a new life – one where she can learn how to love herself.

Off the Hook, a romance mystery with a paranormal touch is a journey toward finding new beginnings. Laura encounters a mystical guide who shows her never explored pathways of self-discovery. Her guide takes her from Manhattan to Miami where she faces life threatening challenges and life transforming love.


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Dr. Stephanie Walker knows what it is and how to use it. In fact, she murders people with it. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Walker works with her very wealthy clients by taking control of their unconscious mind, enabling her to manipulate and guide their every action. After she moves a great deal of their wealth to her own private investments, her clients then commit suicide creating the perfect robbery and murder.

Detective Joe Stanton of Cleveland Police Department smells something rotten in a series of suicides among wealthy businessmen in the Ohio area. Joe digs into cases discovering the smell may be coming from one Dr. Stephanie Walker. Joe now pits his thirty years of experience against one of the brightest and most devious minds he ever encountered; cleaver enough to even control his thinking.

In the midst of this, Dr. Walker has a new client whose very life depends on how quickly someone can shut down Walker’s operation. With twist and turns exploring every dark corner of intrigue, this is a nail bitter to the last unpredictable page.




From 1946 to 1964, 76.4 million “baby boomers” are born in the United States, making up almost 40 percent of the nation’s population. Forever Yours, a 42,000-word mainstream fiction, reflects the story of this generation as they face the trials and uncertainties of the evolving American dream.

In 1963, James and Beth meet in college, fall in love, marry, and then traverse the following decades through various countries, tragedies, adventures, and children. Their love grows stronger until in the end, not even death can keep them apart.

Jeff becomes a writer who struggles to find his voice in a society undergoing a cultural and emotional revolution. From Vietnam through the Kennedy and MLK assassinations, his world is cast in startling and often frightening fashion. Beth is a free spirited individual who embraces the new independence of the modern woman. From her same-sex affair, the completion of her Ph.D., and the tragic death of a child, Beth continues to explore and love life.

The challenges of existence take on a larger-than-life twist through their good friend Steven “Bugs” Cramer, a talented musician who embraces the love and beauty of the world around him. Tragically, he is killed in Vietnam, yet his continuing presence in their lives demonstrates there is more to this journey than meets the eye. They lose a child at birth and yet are comforted by the supernatural presence of their friend Bugs. Ultimately, their love meets the final challenge of mortality, and even then Bugs helps them transcend this world’s limited understanding.

Writer’s Digest 2nd Draft says, “This story is full of memorable scenes, lively characters, anecdotes that make the story-world come alive, and various other elements that all highlight the work of a very talented writer.”


In a quiet suburb of New Jersey, a 12 year old girl returns from Christmas vacation and finds an unopened gift at her front door. In the excitement and exuberance of a young child, she opens it. The early evening is shattered as the gift explodes and begins a tangled search for the person who would send this destructive present.

In the next few days, other devises show up at a shopping mall in New Jersey, the Holland Tunnel in New York, and the home of the Mayor in a nearby town.

Detective Shane Murphy, a 40-year-old senior officer with Special Case Investigations, is thrown into the maze of confusion as he attempts to sort out the facts before  the perpetrator strikes again. While his personal life crumbles around him, as his wife informs him of her decision to pursue a divorce, Murphy finds assistance with the arrival of Stacy Landou, a 38 year old Special Agent with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Together they face the challenge of solving a case while working through the complexity of their own personal relationship. While professionally handling their romance, they still find healing of their personal wounds in the love and passion shared between them. The case becomes more complicated when the local press begins to hound Murphy and suggests he is failing in his investigations. With Shanes's career, marriage, and reputation seemingly out of control, the bomber continues to move one-step ahead of the investigation.   


This is the book of  the generations of Adam:  male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam,  in the day when they were created.  Genesis 5:1,2 

Quantum Physics teaches us that all things are one. 

The Bible reveals that male and female are both called Adam and are one. 

The headlines of our daily paper tell us we are at war with each other and are separate.

What went wrong?

The exciting novel, I Am Adam, is part of a chronicle concerning a mystical figure known as Domatarious. A Spiritual Guide, Domatarious has the responsibility to preserve the truths of the Power of Love and Light within a new species known as humans. In the book I AM ADAM, we are introduced to the new human creations as they experience love, joy, fear and the destructive power of the ego's shadow. It is the first romance story as the new species of humans learn to love, trust, and find the meaning of passion. It is the ultimate story of true love relationships living in harmony.